Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is only 30 km far away from Boca Chica. It is an enchanting town, uniting modern sophistication, old world and Latin charisma: the past meets the future.
Here in 1492, Cristoforo Colombo disembarked and formed the first European inhabited center in the new continent.
The square with Cristoforo Colombo’s house, the ancient cathedral and other historical monuments are considered the heart of the “colonial area”.

Shops, Discos, Theatres and… much more. A few minutes away from the colonial area, you can find modern buildings and malls with an incredible variety of stores. Santo Domingo offers plenty of amusement: restaurants, hotels, casinos, discos and cinemas.

The famous and beautiful seafront with its palms and modern constructions, is one of the best point of interest for a calm, pleasant and relaxing promenade. Here you can see the greatest and most famous hotels with Casino of the Dominican Republic.

Do not lack cinemas and theatres. Beyond its preserved colonial past, Santo Domingo’s cultural and artistic vitality is showcased in its vibrant theatres, concert-halls and cultural galleries.

Expert guides can take the tourists all around the town, during the day and the night, but going around is not difficult thanks to the optimal public transports, affordable taxis and the great kindness of the Dominicans for any suggestion or information.