A perfect day!

You can spend the morning at the beach relaxing on a deck-chair in the shadow of the palm trees. After eating a tasty dish of fresh fish or tropical fruit in one of the various restaurants, Sporting club, Bocana, Puerco Rosado, Sueño Caribeño the crystal clear sea will be waiting for you. You can swim till the little island “La Matica” in the middle of the sea.


And the lovers of diving can explore the beautiful depths of the barrier reef.


For those who likes excursions, exciting trips to Saona and Catalina islands are organized daily.
On the way there you will take a speed boat and you will return by catamaran, drinking and dancing to the rhythm of the music. The white-sandy beaches and the sea with its starfish and colorful fish will surely make your day unforgettable.

When you come back to the residence, before dinner, on the dance floor in the garden, we organize little parties on request dancing salsa, bachata and merengue.
If you don’t like dancing, you can play the typical local game “domino” which entertains everybody, children and adults.


In the evening, the main street “Calle Duarte ” becomes a promenade so you can enjoy a relaxing stroll. Bars and restaurants fill the street with tables and chairs where tourists can eat tasty dishes at good prices or have a drink in a lively atmosphere.
Food, drinks, and local music will captivate you and will make you enjoy your holiday.


The next step of your night will be at disco-terrace Batey , that represents the heart of Boca Chica nightlife, or at the elegant hotel Hamaca’s disco or at the Casino that entertains guests till late at night.
To experience the complete Dominican atmosphere, in Andres, a town a few miles away, there are traditional and folkloric places,where tourists are always welcomed.


During your holiday you cannot miss to spend a day in the historical capital Santo Domingo, at only 30 minutes by car, here you can walk in the “colonial zone” vist museum, eat in the numerous restaurants, play at the Casinos on the seaside, and dance in the famous discos. Calle Venezuela with its numerous drink bars and discos is one of the most lively and animated place in town